I write code, good code.


Ah, the skills part…

What I do day-to-day:

Javascript, ES6, Typescript, Storybook.JS Angular, React, Azure, CSS, HTML, Micro apps

What I’ve done professionally:

PHP (5.6+), MySQL, Go, Laravel, Jenkins, AWS, Azure, WordPress, IoT

What I don’t like:

Micro apps, apps that shouldn't be SPAs and PRs longer than a piece of spaghetti

Right now I'm making micro apps for +300k users using scalable UIs and creating component libraries, while teaching devs how to use 'em

Where I've been

  • 2020

    NewDay Cards

  • 2019

    Andersen EV

  • 2018

    Boomerang Messaging

  • 2017

    Placed App

    Freshleaf Media

  • 2016 - the contracting years..

    Thomas Pink

    Various US and EU companies